Friday, January 13, 2012

Good communication skills with others

Strong learning ability, and continuing, following the study;
Strong sales of class work to change the will, two years ago have to do insurance sales preparation, after learning of the sales, marketing books category;Good communication skills with others;
Good resilience, in good condition to absorb new things faster and started work;
With foreign work experience, strong oral and written English;
Good personal image.I have been engaged in mobile intelligent network (business and real-time prepaid billing system) project and the communication network management system (OSS) for engineering and maintenance, customer relationship management, as team leaders and key members, have good communication skills and affinity and coordination, can live in harmony with the completion of their tasks and assist other members of the team performance has received written customer praiseChoosing Flowers for Your Wedding . Has led many organizations and participation (> 10) and China Mobile, China Unicom over the company's intelligent network billing and network management projects. Decorating Your Reception Table
Professional skills and expertise
I work in the communications field for 12 years and has extensive technical background, and leadership and participation in a number (10 or more) major project management and implementation;
Have a good customer resources, and strong customer communication skills;
The overall quality, in addition to technical skills, project management through the PMP certification, and was designated communications project budget eligible to participate in training;Although studied engineering, but like finance, familiar with the operation of international pre-project and project management processes, can adapt to different working environment (with the large state-owned enterprises, large multinational companies and overseas work experience), have deep and strong science background, while has a strong team spirit, strong sense of responsibility, proficiency in English to communicate, able to adapt to a variety of environments, quick access to the role.
In the past four years, practical workPlan a Wedding Ceremony, diligence, pursuit of upward mobility, many employers received recognition and awards. Of course, certainly represent the past, but I believe that thePerfect Wedding Table Center spirit of humble attitude towards life, the usual style of work, you can continue in the new environment progress.Professional skills and expertise
Communication solutions manager, familiar with wireless communication and integrated solutions for industry analysis, equity investment, and investment banking business is very interested.

independent of communication with customers

Able to withstand the pressure, pro-active, collaborative, strong sense of responsibility. 6 years experience in international trade, foreign trade for more than 4 years management experience, strong organizational and management skills to lead a skilled team to carry out foreign trade operations. Strong adaptability, effective communication skills and strong execution. English proficiency, independent of communication with customers. Hong Kong and Macao passport, has participated in HK Jewellery Show- Application of electronic technology graduate degree, EMBA Executive MBA, Shanghai Jiaotong University, outstanding students;
- Professional managers, 22 years of medical devices, load cell and cell phone LCD screen and other manufacturing companies work experience;
- In Europe, the United States, Japan and other foreign companies for 13 years, proficient in cross-cultural company integrated management;
- Familiar with lean manufacturing, Six Sigma implementation and ISO, CE, TL, QS quality management system certificationOutgoing, cheerful; serious and responsible attitude towards work, has been repeatedly recognized and leading customers. Have a strong sense of teamwork. TEM8; more than three years work experience; Five Great Wedding Themesthree times to the Middle East Three Inspiring Wedding Ideas , Turkey to participate in major exhibitions abroad; more familiar with the injection molding machine industry; has a lot of client resources; in the development and maintenance of customer experience in very3 years of administrative experience, working with foreign background, have a good ability to learn and willing to learn, dare to innovate, constantly striving for excellence; have a trustworthy character, full of team spirit; with things capable, decisive style, there are good communication and interpersonal coordination, strong endurance, willpower and hard-working quality, their job seriously, proactive, optimistic personality persistent, dare to face the difficulties and challenges.8 years experience in personnel management has engaged in large-scale foreign personnel managers and other work to obtain qualification of human resources management, human resources, the six modules is rich in theory and practical experienceProfessional skills and expertiseWedding Cakes Decoration Ideas
I graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University, business administration, personnel management and the main access to human resources management qualification certificate, engaged in personnel work more than six years. The total number of employees worked for the division system of thousands of Japanese-funded enterprises as Shanghai headquarters of the post of personnel managerModern Ocean Motif , has assumed office more than 100 medical institutions in charge of personnel, and more than 400 foreign-funded enterprises in charge of accounting and payroll performance evaluation and so on. Of corporate culture, compensation planning, human resources, structure and control of personnel costs is its own unique insights.

can work under some pressure

Easy-going steady, positive, optimistic, broad interests, with team spirit. Sincere man, a higher perception. Acceptance is good to learn new things quickly, learn and work hard to treat seriously, is a strong sense of responsibility and initiative. Adaptability to the surrounding environment, can work under some pressure Tips for Wearing Pearls .Serious and responsible, hard-working; strong learning ability, adaptability, communication ability, with good organization and coordination capacity; cheerful, failing to calm, rational stable; knowledge and solid, and has extensive practical experience, to develop ability.Choose A Wedding Cake Optimistic and enterprising; good thinking skills, learning ability and adaptability; serious and responsible work, good communication and coordination; excellent team spirit.
Able to skillfully use Office word, excel, powerpoint, SPSS, NVIVO and other office software.
A skilled English speaking and writing ability, the final bachelor's degree in the UK, after successfully entering the world's leading universities the University of Birmingham, to continue graduate studies
Basic level of Japanese, British student at the undergraduate period, elective Japanese, and Distinction honors through the final exam.Holders of Class C driver's license.
Web site has a long-term management (Baidu Post Bar) experience, a member of the tube more than 23,000 people.English: Military Wedding CET-6 (556 points); professional journal articles in English proficiency in reading, independent writing scientific papers published in English
Computer: proficient in office software, chemsketch chemical structure drawing software, MDI jade 5.0 XRD data analysis software, origin data analysis software; proficient SCI finder database literature, etc.Make A Bridal Shower Card
Professional skills: to master the basic chemical laboratory operations, proficient in the operation and maintenance http://dvhk.plof gas chromatography, gas chromatography formed the basis of the preferential oxidation of CO reaction system; familiar with IR, UV, XRD, BET, TPR and other methods of catalyst characterization.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nice Characters

5 years experience in multi-national companies, and can work as reporting, analysis, budget & rolling forecast and process design; chi flat ironWith SAP (FI/CO) project experience and can communicate in English fluently; Above 7 years working experiences. Well Know about the management of purchasing supply chain, can control and manage the suppliers independantly. Know well about the resins(chemical) and electric parts. Strong study ability.
Good communication skill,active, optimistic,considerate and responsible. Team work spirit. High liability and Attribution. Nice Characters.
Dealing with all levels of employment. Self-motivated; able to organize,analyze and meet operational deadlines. Respond well in high-pressure atmosphere 8 years of packaging structure design, packaging process design & management, printing operation experience.
4 years of packaging material quality control and printing quality & cost control, packaging production process & supplier management shoes
Familiar with decrease the damages in handling by improve the packaging solution, and sourcing of better packaging suppliers.
Solid experience in printing technology and process, include pre-press & post-press.
Career Objective:cheap nike shoes
Packaging engineering area,such as the Packaging manager,Senior packaging engineer.
Quality managementchi hair straightener area, such as the Senior Supplier QE
Packaging project areacheap wedding gowns, such as the packagin project manager/engineer.

software life
I like it

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

China welcomes Iran-Turkey fuel plan

China welcomes a nuclear fuel declaration Iran issued after talks with Brazil and Turkey, signaling that it may oppose a US-led drive to impose sanctions on Tehran.
The presidents of Iran and Brazil and the Turkish prime minister issued a landmark nuclear declaration in the Iranian capital Tehran on Monday.
Based on the statement, Iran is to ship around 1,200 kilograms of its low-grade uranium to Turkey for replacement with higher-enriched fuel required for producing radio medicine for cancer patients at the Tehran Research Reactor.
The declaration calls for the fuel exchange to take place within a specific time frame, satisfying Iran's major demand for a swap
rainbow in my life
you are my sunflower

Thai peace talks falter amid tense stand-off

The proposal failed to stop sporadic fighting on the outskirts of a commercial district occupied by protesters for six weeks as groups of demonstrators hurled petrol bombs and burned tires at two checkpoints of soldiers armed with assault rifles.
"We have agreed to take a new round of talks proposed by the Senate because if we allow things to go on like this, we don't know how many more lives will be lost," Nattawut Saikua, one of the "red shirt" leaders, told a news conference.
About 5,000 protestors, who have adopted red as a protest color and broadly support former premier Thaksin Shinawatra, remain in a barricaded encampment in Bangkok's high-end shopping, hotel and diplomatic district, refusing to leave.
Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has vowed to disperse the mostly rural and urban poor "red shirts" who accuse his government of lacking a popular mandate and colluding with Thailand's royalist elite to subvert democracy.
The government said it had no formal response to a proposal from a group of 64 senators in the 150-member upper house who have offered to mediate peace talks and urged a ceasefire.
"The prime minister has been informed but does not have an immediate position on it," said government spokesman Panitan Wattanayagorn.
Forty other senators with more pro-government leanings called on the red shirts to surrender and face criminal charges, which in some cases include the death penalty for terrorism.
"It's just the beginning and it's the kind of an offer that doesn't carry much weight since the senators are not speaking in one voice," said Somjai Phagaphasvivat, a political scientist at Bangkok's Thammasat University.
Authorities warned the red shirts to leave their barricaded encampment by Monday afternoon, but the deadline came and went, raising questions over how long the military operation would continue and whether talks would work.
Public holidays have been declared until Friday.
"I doubt the proposed talks will lead to an end to the political crisis," said Kavee Chukitkasem, head of research at stockbroker Kasikorn Securities in Bangkok.
"The government has told the red shirts to stop the protest first and then they can talk, while the red shirts asked the government to talk before they end the protests."
Troops have thrown a cordon around the protest site, a "tent city" at the Rachaprasong intersection, paralyzing the heart of Bangkok. Hundreds of women and children have taken refuge in a temple inside the protest area.
On the outskirts of their encampment, small groups of protesters continue to challenge the soldiers, hurling petrol bombs and stones at a checkpoint on Rama IV Road leading to the business district, and burning tires in Din Daeng, scene of intense fighting over the weekend, Reuters witnesses said.
Army spokesman Sansern Kaewkamnerd said "terrorists" have tried to stir trouble through random killings, targeting innocent people at rallies, rescue workers and journalists, including an incident on Monday in an apartment block under construction.
"A group of snipers dressed as soldiers were hiding on floors 24 to 27 aiming randomly at people, and that is being blamed on soldiers," he told a televised briefing.
Thai media reported a fire was raging in a row of deserted shops in the same area on Tuesday and firefighters were struggling to get into the area because of barricades.
Erawan Emergency Medical Center said on Tuesday that 38 people had died in the flare-up of violence since May 13 and 67 have been killed people since trouble started in April.
The protesters, mostly drawn from the rural and urban poor, and supporters of ousted ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra, had initially demanded immediate elections.sunshine

customer focus

1. Be seasoned with working under pressure and challenge; keep positive attitude and open-minded in my wedding dressesdiscount wedding dressesLacoste Polo Shirts
1. Strong communication skills and quickly study ability;cheap nike shoes Systematic business management, customer focus, has a strong understanding of customer need, cheap nike shoesuses customer feedback to improve process and service to keep best customer experience, win their loyalty.Lacoste Polo Shirts
2. Good teamwork and cross function cooperation, demonstrates a positive attitude even when facing adversity.